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the Photographer
I was born in Bad Reichenhall, just across the Austrian
Border of Salzburg on the Bavarian side, but left at age 10.
I trained as a camera-operator in printing, what
little scanners do today.
When I was in London I asked Sam Haskins
how I should go about becoming a real photographer.
In return he asked me how I would afford to live as a
photographer and recommended that I should stay in
a solid job + keep photography as a nice hobby.
I lived in Stuttgart, Capetown, London, Berlin,
where I met Christa, Bielefeld + Frankfurt.

Spending 50 years in professional printing, photography,
advertising + the production of mail-order catalogues
I have probably optimised millions of photos, no wonder
I see the world of pictures with different eyes.

With my very own “Dynamic Photography” I mix
movement + out of focus elements with many tricks
of my own, so often they look more like paintings or riddles.

In a workshop with Martin Parr he asked me:
Nice Actions + photos, how did you do them ? Yes I told him.

I started with serious Photography in 1998, when huge
digital colorprints appeared everywhere in exhibitions,
that was my own technical homeground.

The next stage would be to display my pictures in
art exhibitions and galleries, but this requires
another kind of effort and creativity that I don’t
enjoy in spite of good success.
There are far more artists than buyers.

In 2005 I retired from a great job with a stupid
company and went back to my hometown after
being away for 50 Years for a complete new start
+ a new life in a beautiful part of the world.

youtube - hugipops

Thanks to digital cameras today billions of
good+ great photos are made + distributed.

However, to tell good stories with photos,
you need to do much more than just print them,
such as big poster prints, albums, flyers + books.

With the new video-functions you can add moving
images + paste them together for youtube-videos.

The mixture of photos, videos + music enable me
to show the multitude of my activities in my area
+ stimulate friends to join in the fun.

“We had no idea, it was sooooo beautiful !!!”

the Tour- and Bike-Guide

Thanks to my good knowledge of my home-
region I also guide bike groups + tourists in
the area of Salzburg + nearby Bavaria,
often in combination
with city tours,
bus travels, hiking + light mountaineering.

I prefer the quiet trails away from tourists + traffic.

If you like the Salzburg / Bad Reichenhall /
Berchtesgaden - Region from my videos,
you are welcome to spend a few days here
with me guiding you around, this will enable
you to experience the beautiful country,
cultured cities, good food, cold drinks + great fun.

Biking + drinking Weissbier with
friends + for money can’t be beaten.


PhotoPostCards for many events,
just send me your dates of birth,
+ I use my BirthDayMachine for more
Birthday-Celebrations + Party`s


Hugo Lange
Schillerstrasse 35

D- 83435 Bad Reichenhall
Tel: ++ 49-8651-762872

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